About Me


A special thanks to YOU, who are visiting my website!

If you are reading this page, that means you are interested to know who is behind all those pastries, right? Here we go!

So, I'm Harrisson, originally from Paris, France. Currently working and living in Tokyo, my first interest in pastries was fairly recent.

Back in 2012, shortly after completing my 3rd marathon (Tokyo Marathon), one of my first indulgence was to go to a fancy Pastry shop and get some French Chocolate Macarons.

In Japan, sweets are just at every corner. However, I had yet never found anything that stood out.  Although beautifully designed, I find that here, most of the sweets lack of taste. “Bland” is the word that could most of the time describe the feeling I had each time I had a treat . The Macaron I had, was one of the very few exceptions, the bitterness and strong taste of chocolate was truly present, and it balanced out with the sweetness of the shell.


Coming from a scientific background, the nerdy part of me leaded me to find out the whole mystery chemistry process involved in that little cookie I just had. A few months later, my new passion and obsession had me read a couple of food chemistry books, hundreds of recipes from diverse online resources and books, spent countless hours in my kitchen and … had me make more than one thousand macarons (that’s right) and the self-taught baker I am today! 

I rarely eat what I have made, as I only enjoy the process of baking something beautiful & tasty and share them with people who appreciate sweets. Whenever I create a pastry, INTENSITY and SUBTLETY will best describe the general feeling upon tasting it. By using only very high quality and fresh seasonal ingredients, I make sure no aspect of the final product is neglected.

All the pastries you see here, are orders from colleagues, friends, friends of friends, that I made after work and (running) training... during my free time. It is not my full-time job. Usually, they tell me the flavor or the type of cake they want and in return, they receive more than what they thought... a nice GIFT!

The freedom and trust they give me, motivate me to surprise them with a custom-made, unique and personal cake.

I hope you will enjoy my creations as much as I love making them and feel free to read my blog, where I will put some improvised creations.


Special thanks to my friend Charlotte Marillet-Cahill for having designed the logo and the lil' hedgehog!

Header image and Gallery images by Intense by Harrisson