Congratulations on new homepage open!!!
I am a big fan of your sweets, so very happy for you with this website.
To be honest, I’m not a very sweet person, couldn’t eat chocolates till recently and have my own preference in sweets but your sweets fill all my criteria!!
Hope this website attracts people and you earn more credit and awareness as many people as possible.

— Kasumi S. , Tokyo

I’ve been lucky enough to sample a few of Harri’s creations and I am always amazed!
Whether it is a classic cake or a more elaborated dessert, Harri always gives his best. The latest my husband and I tried were passion fruit and chocolate macarons and they were just incredibly delicious. My husband even said to me that, to him they were better than any macarons I got from the famous Pierre Hermé or Ladurée, which I agreed with.
The high quality of the ingredients was obvious, the macarons looked perfect and they tasted divinely. It was an intense experience...
— Charlotte M., Tokyo

Les gâteaux d’Harrisson, un plaisir des yeux et du goût, testés et approuvés avec plaisir de nombreuses fois!
J’attends avec impatience la prochaine occasion...
— Alice K., Tokyo

So happy that Harrisson’s patisseries HP’s finally been made :DDD Ocourse his patisseries are incredibly good and artistic!! However, his are not only that but we can also feel his thoughtfulness + passion toward patisseries. Try once, then you should definitely be happy after eating - I guarantee ;)
— Sayaka W., Tokyo

Les pâtisseries ont l’air délicieuses , ça me donne l’eau à la bouche !!! Les macarons au macha sont super, j espère que tu vas en refaire. Par ailleurs, le site est très bien fait, on s’y retrouve très facilement , c’est simple et joli : good job !!! ;D
— Sylvia & Leng U., Paris

The Praliné Chocolate and Passion Fruit was probably the best cake I have ever eaten. (Hopefully my wife will not see this.)
16 people agreed that it was brilliant, and there were more photos taken of it than any other non-wedding cake in history.
Thanks, Harrisson. Keep it up!
(Very appropriate that this website is known by “word of mouth.”)
— Bob P., Tokyo

Today is Father’s day and what better way than to order a cake from Intense.
Harri and his wife delivered the cake to our home. It was an honor to meet the cake ‘maestro’ himself! Harri is not only smart in his mathematician mind but he is also as humble as a humble pie itself.
The cake was too beautiful to be gorge at. I had to cut it carefully in order not to damage it’s beauty. It was robust yet delicate to the palate. Not too sweet, fruity with raspberry sauce on top and a substantial crust that blends with the soft custard in the middle! This cake is to die for.
— Doris Y., Tokyo

Header image and Gallery images by Intense by Harrisson