Friend's BDay Party!

Yesterday evening, 3 friends from my running club threw a party at a fish restaurant in Shibuya. 15 of us made it to the rendez-vous.

What would be a birthday party without a birthday cake right? So two days before the event, one of us (let's call her Mika) suggested to get a cake from a bakery shop and bring it to the party to make a surprise. I had a moment of hesitation with only 2 days left and a busy schedule at the same time. But I thought it could be a good challenge so I offered to get the cake from me instead of a random pastry shop. To my great pleasure, they happily accepted :)

As I've been really chocolatey this summer, I wanted to keep the trend but also wanted to bring a summer touch. I immediately thought of the popular combination of Passion fruits and mangos in the form of a light mousse. To which I have added some Madagascar vanilla. For the chocolate cream part, it had to be delicate, a 40% milk chocolate with a caramel note was perfect since the bitterness of a dark chocolate would make a shadow to the fruity part. Then to add a crispy and spongy texture I incorporated a light chocolate brownie and a crunchy praline biscuit in the middle. Finally a final touch of sourness was brought by a puree of Passion fruits, mangos, banana and lemon on the top. And just for the eyes, I topped the cake with a 50% dark chocolate circle with some holes. 4 in total so that the shiny orange fruit puree can be seen. I then added 3 macarons for the 3 birthday friends ! 

In the end the cake weighed almost 3kg, I was a bit afraid there would be some leftover and it wasn't the case, it was gone within a few minutes