October post

Here I am, back after few busy weeks at work, but also training for my next marathon that will take place early February next year in Kyushu (Southern Japan). 

During that period, I had the opportunity to taste some of my creations. The reason was that on late August, one of my high school best friends in Paris, who is now living in Boston, came to Tokyo for holidays and to visit me, with her husband and 2 years old boy. They always drooled in front of my website or my Facebook page (well, that's what they said), and had never tried any of my pastries at that time. So, this was the good time! My wife and I invited them to our place for a gathering dinner. As they are chocolate lovers, I decided to make a dark chocolate entremet.

On early September, with my wife, we were invited to my colleague's parents' place in Saitama (Northern Tokyo). A very nice Japanese family who loves traveling and to explore new things. They regularly order many pastries from me without knowing who I was and wanted to meet me, what an honor ! The end of Summer time was approaching, so I wanted to make something original and fresh.

Be careful, the ingredients I used, might seem strange for a pastry combination at first but I was inspired by one of Philippe Conticini tart: Mango, figue, avocado, goat cheese, vanilla, mint leaves and olive oil. The surprising ingredient was of course the goat cheese, but it turned out that a tiny bit of it and particularly fresh made a very good balance with the rest. 

It was not as heavy as it can sound, on the contrary, it was fruity (with the mango and figue), smooth & healthy (avocado and olive oil), fresh (mint leaves) and crusty (almond crust).