Father's Day!

Sunday 15, June, was Father's Day in Japan. 

Doris, a friend of my wife wanted to celebrate this special day with her daughter and husband. I had the opportunity to meet her and her husband, an exceptional, very funny and happy couple.

Doris' husband likes fruity and sour flavor, not too sweet, not creamy, not even chocolate. He's not really into sweets and pays lots of attention on what he eats. It was the first time they ordered a desert from me so I had to make sure I come up with something that goes with their taste. After asking Doris more precisely what she wanted, she said "not too sweet, not too fatty and vegetarian if possible"... Well, I jokingly told her "if you remove sugar, butter, and eggs... the only thing left is flour and water, so you basically want me to bake a piece of bread for you?" She eventually gave up and trusted me on what to do :P

So I came up with something very fruity and delicate. A mix of exotic fruits - Passion fruits and Vanilla mascarpone mousse - a layer of cooked coconut and almond custard cream and a almond streusel (egg free almond crispy crust). The whole thing topped raspberry jelly to enhance the sourness and balance they strong taste of coconut.